NTE office at SteinkjerNTE is the largest company in North Trøndelag and offers a wide range of services to our clients and customers.

Our core markets are energy production, network and broadband services. In addition, we provide electrical contracting services, sell electrical goods and provide international engineering services.

Power production:
NTE's daughter company, NTE Energy is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of NTE's power stations. Production and distribution of electric energy historically has been, and will continue to be, NTE's core business. Currently, we own a total of 28 hydro electric plants (24, sole ownership and 4, through joint partnerships) and two windmill parks.

Electrical Contracting Services:
NTE is one of Norway's largest electrical building contractors and has competence in: electricity, piping and air conditioning.

Transmission and Distribution Grid:
NTE is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of one of Norway's longest power grids, 13,000 kilometres in length, which is one of the most reliable power supply systems in the country with a functionality rate of 99.9%.

Broadband Technology:
NTE offers the next generation of broadband technology with fibre-optic transference. Our goal is to offer broadband communication to all residents in North Trøndelag.

Power Trade:
NTE sells power to almost every private home in North Trøndelag, as well as to the region's industries and to the international market. Currently, NTE has 80,000 customers.




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